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Chicago teacher 'professional development' days stumps CEO Brizard

Sorry, but CTA buses and trains won’t be running tomorrow. You’ll have to fend for yourself because bus drivers and train operators will spend the day in “professional development,” learning how to run equipment they are supposed to know how to run already. If that’s not the most preposterous thing you’ve ever heard, (it’s not... Read more »

Blago jurors show Illinois voters how it should be done

  If Chicago and Illinois voters were as thoughtful, thorough and responsible as the jurors that convicted Rod Blagojevich of corruption then we wouldn’t have to be constantly putting our governors, aldermen and other public officials on trial. If you saw the extraordinary post-trial interview with the jury, you can only respect them for the... Read more »

Emanuel: Chicago school kids get the shaft

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today laid out some plain and tough talk about Chicago Public School teachers and what they’re paid. The school board–if Emanuel has his way and he will–could rescind a scheduled 4 percent (!) raise for teachers (at a time when other people are losing jobs or watching their own pay and benefits... Read more »

Test public housing residents for drugs

Test public housing residents for drugs
The idea of testing Chicago Housing Authority tenants for illegal drug use is drawing the usual, tiresome objections from the usual, tiresome complainers: It’s humiliating, offensive, invasive and insensitive. It’s more “blaming the victim” and punishing “people for being poor.” But, it’s also a good idea. Anyone 18 years or older who applies to become a CHA... Read more »

Eliminate co-ed dorms? Unthinkable!

But at least university is doing it. And it has good reasons: the destructive effects of binge drinking and unbridled hooking up. The president of the Catholic University of America does a good job of explaining why higher education should go back to single-sex dorms, which once were the standard at most colleges and universities. John... Read more »

The war on coal-fired power plants

If you automatically assume that coal-fired power plants are everywhere and always bad, you might want to read this editorial from the Wall Street Journal. It laments the costly and over-reaching changes that the Obama administration is about to impose on electric utilities.  This move is to limit mercury emissions, even though it hardly is cost-effective.... Read more »

Debbie W!#$erman Schultz and Anthony Weiner

From RightChicago

End K-12 public school teacher tenure (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Quinn signs education reform law. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to sign today what’s called “sweeping” education reform, a step in the right direction in several regards: Longer school days and a provision allowing school to place competence over length of service in the firing and recall of teachers. Competent teachers will be... Read more »

Time for a Dump Madigan amendment

  House Speaker Michael Madigan, center, Senate President John Cullerton, left, and other Illinois Democrats largly got their way with new legislative redistricting map. (Keri Wiginton, Chicago Tribune phptp / June 8, 2011)   It’s time to revive the idea of a constitutional amendment that will defang House Speaker Michael (The Real Governor) Madigan and... Read more »

Disclose the race of flash mob victims and attackers.

Disclose the race of flash mob victims and attackers.
  A group of young men who say they were attacked Tuesday evening stand with police at Chicago and Wabash avenues. (Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune)   Chicago media must identify the race of the aggressors and victims in “flash mob” attacks.  There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You’d think it was from all the... Read more »
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