What happens tonight to the drunk who ragged on Joakim Noah?



Noah picked the wrong slur

Now that everyone has exhausted (I hope) all the handwringing over Joakim Noah's slur, we have yet to see what will happen to that jerk of a Miami Heat fan who set off the episode.

Reports indicate that the insufferable, drunken fan had been on Noah for much of the game with a lot of loud, vulgar insults. Will there be a repeat performance tonight? Will anyone suggest that he shut up? Or has subjecting everyone to your potty mouth now become a part of our culture, if not a right, not to be challenged. 

Commentators from all corners tsk tsked Noah and suggested that a fan has a right to sit there, spewing all kinds of vileness because he bought a ticket.


The guy's a pantywaist, which is probably what Noah meant. Anyone who knows that he can get away with safely challenging a big guy without facing the consequences is a pansy. A chickencoward, cry-baby, fraidy-cat, milksop, momma's boy, namby-pamby, wimp, wuss, wussy.

And if any group of pantywaists is offended, man up.


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  • The main issue, which was brought up in an ESPN 1000 interview with someone in Miami, is that (at least as of Tues. a.m.) no one identified the fan or took any effort to kick him out, even though he was in the expensive seats. Add now your point that he was reported to be drunk throughout.

    Of course, "man up" means something else in Miller Lite ads, and thus to the target audience to which this lout undoubtedly belongs.

  • Joakim handled it MUCH better than I would have handled someone talking about my mother (paying fan or not).

    I would be in jail right now for Attempted Murder filmed on TV (and hoping it wouldn't get upgraded to First Degree).

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