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A victory for free speech

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A judge has ruled that the campaign finance law banning corporations from making contributions to federal candidates is unconstitutional. The judge has no choice. He’s following the recent Supreme Court decision, and good for for speech.

What happens tonight to the drunk who ragged on Joakim Noah?

    Noah picked the wrong slur Now that everyone has exhausted (I hope) all the handwringing over Joakim Noah‘s slur, we have yet to see what will happen to that jerk of a Miami Heat fan who set off the episode. Reports indicate that the insufferable, drunken fan had been on Noah for much of... Read more »

Notre Dame University again betrays Catholic pro-life principles

Notre Dame University again betrays Catholic pro-life principles
Roxanne M. Martino It did it by appointing to its board of trustees Roxanne M. Martino, a campaign contributor to political candidates who are strongly opposed to the Church’s teachings on life. The Cardinal Newman Society revealed her history: A review of Martino’s contribution history on (see here and here) revealed that she gave a... Read more »

Dump Chicago Code, but keep Ald. Ronin Gibbons

Delroy Lindo as Ald. Gibbons on the Chicago Code I’ve been of two minds about Fox TV’s “Chicago Code. and the last-ditch effort by its Chicago fans to save the now-cancelled series. Jennifer Beals–NO The female Chicago police superintendent (Teresa Colvin, played by Jennifer Beals) is ludicrous, and the singular importance of her side-kick, Dectective Jerek... Read more »

Cell phone blabber on train arrested by police

Yes! This happened on an Amtrak train out west, but I’m sure that riders in Metra’s quiet cars would love to see this happen too. Maybe on the CTA too. Looking at the video, I’d say that this woman looks exactly like the yacker that my wife and I encountered last year on the CTA’s... Read more »

Oprah, just go, why don't ya?

( Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune / May 17, 2011 ) Oprah Winfrey hugs Tyler Perry while taping the second of two “Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular” episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show at the United Center. Maybe, I thought, I was the only one turned off by the self-adulating excesses surrounding Oprah Winfrey’s departure from... Read more »

Feds getting ready to ban potatoes in schools

Well, almost all of them anyway: any white potato. Reports the Wall Street Journal: The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing to eliminate the “white potato”–defined as any variety but the sweet potato–from federally subsidized school breakfasts and to limit them sharply at lunch Seems that some schools have been dipping the potatoes in things... Read more »

Not a good sign

( Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / May 16, 2011 ) A crew changes a sign on the Chicago Skyway as Rahm Emanuel is sworn in as mayor of Chicago. One might have hoped that as a sign of his seriousness about saving money that new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would have ended the ridiculous practice... Read more »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will end the Chicago Way, maybe

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will end the Chicago Way, maybe
Does Emanuel represent a new beginning, or just more of the same?   Mayor Rahm Emanuel‘s recipe for “change” is so unlike The Chicago Way it’s hard for this native to believe in it as much as I would like to. I hope he pulls it off. What he’s promising is nothing less than toppling... Read more »

Chicago: America's City

Rahm Emanuel came up with a brilliant idea in his inauguration speech: Brand Chicago as America’s City. Here’s what he said: Look at the three of us being sworn in today. Treasurer Stephanie Neely and Clerk Susana Mendoza. Both are superb public servants who represent the best of our city. They are among a new... Read more »
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      I am so happy with this article. Thank you, sir, for sharing your culture with us and allowing us to…
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    • What is the lone exception to the lack of "speech codes and cultural police to stem that anti-Irish hatred'?
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    • The Irish Famine is a misappropriation; my family calls it "The Starvation". There was plenty of food grown in Ireland;…
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    • It's very simple, Dennis. The government schools are almost monolithically left-wing. They'll gladly ignore law if it helps…
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