Why is Dwight Schrute The Office's top salesman?




Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you buy a ream of paper from this man--Dwight Schrute?

For me, this is the big unanswered question that the great writers of the acclaimed TV show "The Office" haven't answered. We have heard occasionally that Schrute is the best salesman in The Office. 

How can that be?

I mean, what does he have going for him that would put him on top of the sales chart? He's such a repulsive character, who would  want to take a second call from him, much less place an order with him.

Maybe in the new season we'll get an answer. Then everyone in sales can succeed too.

For an excellent review of the latest The Office episode, check out my colleague on ChicagoNow--The Vast Wasteland 

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  • I don't watch, but it could be a combination of

    1. Who is the worst salesman in the office? It could be like a competition whether CTA, Pace, or Metra is the best transit authority in this region. In fact, the CTA Tattler reported on such an award.

    2. It could be like ophthalmologists that make their money by scaring the hell out of their patients. One I knew couldn't get a good glaucoma test reading, so he did about $220 of other tests. However, he had to eat it when the HMO didn't pay, and referred me elsewhere. However, if the HMO wasn't involved, he would have continued doing it.

    3. Maybe he offers the best discount.

    4. Probably it is just fiction, like Blagojevich saying on Fox promos that someone is lying, and it isn't him. Either is equally unbelievable (as Mully says).

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