Hilarious! Priceless!

Iowa professor's outrageous response to GOP event prompts outrage

The poor lady became unhinged when University of Iowa conservatives said that they were planning a "come out of the closet" day. Apparently believing that she or gay organizations have a copyright on the expression, she--a University of Iowa anthropology and women's studies professor, replied with an "F--- You."

Some background: The University of Iowa is one of the most liberal in the nation, going back as far as the Vietnam anti-war protests. So is its home, Iowa City. For anyone to declare himself a conservative is like calling for a "right to work" law in Madison, Wis. It takes real brass to declare that you don't agree with the "progressive" agenda in either town.

My own experience extends back to the '90s when my son, Don, attended Iowa, when it was de rigueur to show your support for the gay, lesbian, etc. agenda by wearing blue jeans on a day designed by someone. Those who didn't were widely ridiculed and condemned. Naturally, having his father's genes, he wore khakis. 

ellen lewin.jpg

Ellen Lewin. Tsk. (University of Iowa website)

The professor's (required, I suppose) apology fell somewhat short of what progressives demand of anyone who "offends" their beliefs. Said she, the Tribune reported: 

[Ellen] Lewin, 65, later wrote another email to the leaders of the College Republicans explaining that she had just finished reading about "fresh outrages committed by Republicans in government" when she received the pitch. 

"I admit the language was inappropriate, and apologize for any affront to anyone's delicate sensibilities," Lewin wrote. 

But she said the group's email contained several statements that were "extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity." She said she was upset that Republicans used the "coming out" language to describe the week given what she called their general disdain for gay rights. She said the email also mocked labor protesters in Wisconsin and animal rights. 

Or in other words, I was pissed off at conservatives for what they say and do, so you have to understand why I did what did, so it wasn't so bad. Which makes this apology just one level above the usual, passive-voice "mistakes were made."

Actually, I don't care what she says. I'd let it stand, if I were her, but she got skewered on her own political correctness spear. A shame.


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  • Two comments about the "Hilarious! Priceless!" piece: First the article makes absolutely no real mention of what was in this conservative "come out of the closet day"--is it possible that the young conservatives really were as vulgar and nearly obscene as Professor Lewin says they were? I strongly suspect she was right.
    But, second, Professor Lewin is paid a _lot_ of money to be articulate and analytical--and "Fuck you" was the best she could come up with....?

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