Emanuel campaign contributions: The more money he gets, the better for us, suggests alderman

Conventional wisdom says the more money the candidate raises from special interests, the more indebted he becomes to them. So, you'd think we might be worried with the news that Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel raised bundles of money from the usual (and some new) suspects. (The Tribune reports it here: "Inside Emanuel's campaign war chest. Mayor-elect raised more than $1 million from firms with recent city business.")


( Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune / March 31, 2010 ) Joe Moore, 49th ward alderman and former reformer.

But now comes an interesting theory from Ald. Joe Moore (49) in reaction to the story. He suggests the more money a candidate raises the less he's likely to be influenced by the special interest donor.

Reports the Tribune: 

Some say the broad scope of his fundraising may be Emanuel's best defense against suggestions he is already beholden to special interests.

"He's gotten so much support from so many quarters, that I don't think anybody can realistically expect that he owes anybody," said Ald. Joe Moore, 49th, a longtime Daley critic. "That's one of his great strengths. He's not relying on the old boys' network and the machine ward organizations."

So, is relying on the "new boys network" an improvement over sucking up campaign money from the old boys network? 

More interesting is the implication that the more money flows into a candidate's bank account, the less we have to worry about the influence of special interests. Maybe we should just get rid of all campaign limits and disclosure requirements and let the money flow, unabated until the politician is swimming in it and doesn't know or care where it all came from. 

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  • Seriously? Of course Joe Moore offers up this "interesting theory."

    First, Joe would be out of a job if he didn't accept such ridiculous amounts of money from real estate developers in need of favors. In Joe's case, he's an equal opportunity "Old Boy;" he'll accept money from any developer who needs a zoning variance - even if they never actually develop anything. The unions who pay him off are an entire other story.

    Secondly, Mayor Daley made a habit of openly laughing at Joe "Foie Gras" Moore. Joe desperately needs the new mayor's support and is likely very concerned that Rahm is considering the elimination of half of Chicago's aldermen. Consequently, Joe is now sucking up to the new mayor, again in hopes of keeping his job.

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