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Why not tax Illinois retirement income?

( Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / March 7, 2011 ) Tom Donovan, left, former CBOT CEO, greets Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton before Cullerton spoke at a City Club of Chicago luncheon at a Chicago restaurant. Illinois Senate President John Cullerton denies that he ever called for a tax on retirement income. Even though... Read more »

Congress, Obama giving bureaucrats the shaft

And now, a few sympathetic words for government bureaucrats. Feel sorry for what President Barack Obama and Congress have done to them. Here we are, almost half way into the federal fiscal year, and Obama and Congress still haven’t passed a budget. Technically, they should have enacted one before last Oct. 1, when the current fiscal year... Read more »

Alvarez moves on the Vaneko case, but it's not nearly enough

Only a federal investigation is acceptable.     Finally some official action on the death of a young man at the hands of a relative of Richard M. and Bill Daley. The Sun-Times, which has been pursuing this, reported: Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez asked the Illinois State Police on Thursday to investigate the... Read more »

What to do with spent nuclear fuel?

Anyone care for a swim? A pool at the closed nuclear plant in Zion where spent nuclear fuel is being stored. (Chicago Tribune file photo / May 29, 1998) So, what are we supposed to do with spent nuclear power fuel? Rocket it into outer space? Thanks to Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Democratic PresidentsBill Clinton and Barack Obama and... Read more »

Illinois' wacky way of redistricting

If you thought that Illinois congressional and legislative redistricting was a mystery, take a closer look at what Gov. Pat Quinn and mostly Democratic lawmakers have conjured up.  The recently signed and deceptively named Illinois Voting Rights Act of 2011 requires that redrawn legislative districts conform to the most arcane and divisive rules yet seen for bestowing... Read more »

A Liberal Teacher Explains Union Busting


Teachers Unions explained

The public broadcasting scam

The public broadcasting scam
As the battle over taxpayer funding of public broadcasting heats up, the esteemed Newton Minow weighs in with this defense of public television and radio: As a nation, we support public broadcasting for the same reasons that we support public libraries, public parks, public schools and public hospitals. Why public libraries when we have bookstores?... Read more »

What to do about the whining class

Speaking of whiners. (Tribune photo) In complaining that America had become a “country of whiners,” retiring Mayor Richard M. Daley unloaded a speech that no candidate would dare give during a campaign. The speech raises a question: Why didn’t this Daley show up sooner? He said we whined about the Japanese taking us over in the 1970s... Read more »
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