Why wasn't Daley himself shoveling out cars gridlocked by the blizzard on Lake Shore Drive?


Lake Shore Drive is open for business on Thursday morning after having been shut down since Tuesday night. (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / February 3, 2011)

I'm waiting for the first idiot to ask that question. You knew that as soon as the reports of hundreds of cars stalled on LSD (the Outer Drive to real Chicagoans), the blame setting would start. They shudda closed the drive sooner. They shudda been out there sooner to rescue folks. Blah, blah. (Read how Daley defended himself and the city here.)

I'm no fan of Daley, but let me ask a few questions: Weather forecasters and city officials had been warning for days that the blizzard was coming and that the lakefront would be hard-hit. High winds, drifting snow. Didn't matter. Some people just don't listen. Not their problem. They took the drive anyway. And if they got in trouble, they probably expected someone to come out pronto to take care of everything. 

Don't misunderstand; the people who were trapped in their cars were caught in a panicky, dangerous situation that would try almost all of us. How many thought about that woman who left her car in the middle of a storm and was found dead weeks later in a frozen corn field?

But let me ask this: How many of you, in blinding, 50, 60 or 70 mph winds, in stinging snow and a white-out could have extracted hundreds of people and cars from that situation? Even if you were well-paid for it and knew what you were doing?

Whether it is Katrina, the BP oil spill or a tsunami, too many people have unrealistic expectations about what the even the best intentioned and skilled people can do, and how quickly they can do it.

So, while extending my sympathies to the people who were caught on LSD (especially the ones that didn't blame someone else for getting them into the fix in the first place), my admiration and thanks goes to those who worked through the night in the most miserable of conditions to set things right.

The rest of you, get a real job.  


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  • Anyone with common sense knows that, when you are expecting a blizzard with 50+ mph winds,that the water on lake shore drive will flood the road, and ice will form not to mention the lake effect snow, that you should close lake shore drive. But not the incompetent political hacks in Chicago. And then the big coward Daley won't even show up for the news conference. He sends the Bozo in Chief to the news conference. Disgusting.

  • In reply to jorod:

    So, I suppose that won't keep you from voting for him in Feb., even though he isn't on the ballot.

    He showed on Thursday, so I don't know what the big deal was. He also had his toadies there, including Rodriguez in his bus washer attire, not that Rich had anything to say, nor technically works for da Mare.

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