Rahm's Plan: Tax Cut or 'Largest' Hike in History?

FactCheck.org gets to the bottom of the dueling commercials between Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico about taxes in the Chicago mayor's race. Says the non-partisan organization:

Rahm Emanuel and his leading opponent are airing less-than-truthful TV ads about taxes in the closing days of Chicago's Feb. 22 mayoral election.


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  • As far as neither telling the whole story, nothing new about that.

    In fact when I mentioned dueling use of the Tribune logo, at least Chico used the one about the confusing Rahm Tax. I guess that Rahm doesn't have to use the logo.

    The other thing I assume is that this is like the Meeks push for SB750, where it was claimed that there would be property tax relief in exchange for an income tax hike, but when the Tribune printed the numbers, the property tax relief was not commensurate, not only where you would expect that on the North Shore, but even in impoverished places like Harvey. We didn't get SB750, but we independently got the tax increase, without any property tax relief.

    I suppose that this is no different, except people from outside the city do not have to bring their dogs into the city to be groomed, while those in the city can bring their dogs to Evanston or Oak Lawn, just as people buy bottled water from the Walmart on Touhy Ave. in Niles. That is unless Rahm has a secret agenda--since he apparently needs state legislature approval, to expand the retail occupational tax base throughout the state. Even so, I don't have a dog, but do use a park district fitness center.

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