Public sides with Wis. Gov. Walker in labor dispute


According to a new Rasmussen report, 48 percent of those surveyed back Walker while 38 percent on unions' side. A near-majority believe that teachers, police officers and fire fighters should not be allowed to strike.

Even more striking, a Clarus Poll finds 64 percent of those surveyed believe that government employees should not be able to join labor unions.

My guess is that the longer that the teachers abandon their classrooms to demonstrate at Wisconsin's state capital in Madison and the longer that Democratic senators continue their self-imposed exile in Illinois to stymie Walker's Budget Repair bill, the higher those numbers will climb.


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  • People should back the Governer.

    Public sector workers are funded by private sector taxes. When our taxes persistently go up, it's more than fair to expect that public sector workers take pay cuts as well to help trim the deficits.

    Public sector workers no longer have pensions, and the value of these pensions vastly exceed what most people think. In Illinois, it would not be uncommon for a teacher to have 2.5 million dollars in pension benefits if they started work at 20 and retired at 55.

    That's more than the rest of us are going to ever touch in our 401ks most likely, and we have to contribute to that ourselves.

    The Governer should say screw it, they're striking anyway, we're taking away all pension money. The rest of the private sector has had their 401ks decimated, but somehow public sector workers should be completely immune to the problems in the economy?

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