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Emanuel faces growing suburban dominance

Emanuel faces growing suburban dominance
Downtown Naperville   Rahm Emanuel may be the only Chicago mayor to have been raised in the suburbs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it made me think about what might be Mayor-elect Emanuel’s most lasting and profound problem — the growing suburban dominance of the Chicago metropolitan area. Almost symbolically, as Chicago voters... Read more »

Dennis Byrne named one of Illinois' most effective conservative bloggers

Dennis Byrne named one of Illinois' most effective conservative bloggers
A belated thanks to the readers of Illinois Review for this honor, to be counted among those “Conservative writers/bloggers that faithfully keep us informed day in and day out.” Here are the others that I’m proud to be counted among: John Ruberry, Warner Todd Huston, Jill Stanek, Anne Leary, Eva Sorock, Alex Keown, Keith Liscio, Tom Roeser, Tom Mannis,... Read more »

NOW will someone ask Emanuel what he plans to do about O'Hare expansion?

Tribune reports: City-airlines O’Hare talks near collapse Tense negotiations between the city of Chicago and United and American airlines over O’Hare expansion have almost collapsed, officials said today. The acrimony between the two sides has run so deep that, despite agreements to meet almost every day, city and airline officials often convene in separate rooms,... Read more »

Big deal for Chicago: Boeing wins $35B tanker contract

The Boeing 767-based NewGen Tanker is pictured simultaneously refueling two F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft from the wing air refueling pods in this undated photo illustration, obtained on Feb. 24, 2011. (Reuters/Boeing/Handout) This probably won’t get many hits on a site where many people come to find out about sports, lifestyle and such, but this is a... Read more »

Illinois bonds worse than corporate junk

Illinois credit ratings are the equal of corporate junk bonds, yet Illinois had to pay significantly higher interest rates to lure investors to buy the crap. According to the Wall Street Journal: Illinois officials were forced to promise a yield that is about two percentage points higher than was paid by companies with similar credit... Read more »

Emanuel's election ushers in a new kind of "them versus us" in Chicago

( Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / February 22, 2011 ) Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel acknowledges the crowd during his victory rally at a Near West Side plumbers union hall Tuesday. Following Rahm Emanuel’s election as Chicago mayor, the city has found a new definition of “them versus us.” Used to be that “them” and “us”... Read more »

Benefits bubble bursts in Wisconsin

Wouldn’t you know it? The Great Jetstream (credit: Mike Royko) has arrived in Madison. ( Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune / February 18, 2011 ) The crowds mobbing the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison are right: Gov. Scott Walker‘s budget repair bill is indeed an attack on organized government workers. And it’s about time. Labor compensation is the largest component... Read more »

Something that gays and Christians should be able to agree on

In Afghanistan, a convert to Christianity faces the death sentence. And, according to some Islamic scholars, homosexuality likewise is to be punished by a death sentence. This is what we are told is what the Koran requires of such “crimes.” Well, if stoning a woman–but not a man–for adultery also is required, then I guess... Read more »

Public sides with Wis. Gov. Walker in labor dispute

McHenry County Blog
  According to a new Rasmussen report, 48 percent of those surveyed back Walker while 38 percent on unions’ side. A near-majority believe that teachers, police officers and fire fighters should not be allowed to strike. Even more striking, a Clarus Poll finds 64 percent of those surveyed believe that government employees should not be... Read more »

Pure Joy: 3-year-old conducts Beethoven's Fifth

Something to cheer up your Monday morning: Watch closely as this three-year-old boy conducts his imaginary orchestra. He has the beat down almost perfectly, and cues the wind section and first violins at the exact right time. Inspiring.  The video has gone viral, but I had to post it because it brought me such joy.
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