Blizzard makes the case for more telecommuting


How many of you are stuck at home thanks to great blizzard of 2011, but found that thanks to modern technology that you can do your job almost as well as going into the office?

How many of you have discovered that you can do your job even better, thanks to the absence of interruptions, annoying distractions and those endless meetings?

What we have here, folks, is more evidence that more of us should be telecommuting, or, I as prefer to call it, teleworking. I've been a fan of teleworking ever since I stopped working full-time at the Chicago Sun-Times almost a dozen years ago, and opened my own freelance writing and editorial services business.

At first, I kept an office downtown for a number of years in the Monadnock, but aside from having the "prestige" of a Loop address, I found little use for it. I had been commuting since the 1950s, when I took the old North Shore interurban railroad to St. George High School in Evanston. For decades, I had struggled with CTA trains and buses to get me to work. For more years, I was a regular on Metra. I also admit to driving.

There's no reason for many of us to put up with this labor. When I opened by home office, it took me all of five seconds to get to work. Face-to-face meetings became less frequent. I figured that by eliminating the commute that I added 10 to 15 hours to my life a week. And since time is life's most precious commodity, it was priceless.

Of course, every time I write about the benefits of teleworking, someone has to point out that not everyone can. Yes, well, some people do need face-to-face interaction to do their jobs. But consider this: how many bosses and corporate cultures oppose teleworking just because, well, just because. How many bosses believe that you won't work unless they can lay eyes on you? How many don't realize that some studies show that teleworking actually increases productivity?

Want to know more about teleworking? Here are some links, just for a start:

Ten benefits to teleworking

An introduction to teleworking, from Wikipedia.

How to convince your boss that teleworking is a good idea.


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  • Indeed, the communications were affected by the storm, the truth is that this is one of the coldest natural events of the season. This video I found recently and seen how much snow has fallen at this time, I leave the link here

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