Should suburbanites be able to vote for Chicago's mayor?


I think I want to vote in Chicago's mayor election, even though I live in the suburbs.

Why not? Now that the Illinois Supreme Court has determined to intending to live in the city can help you get on the ballot, why isn't it good enough for me to become a Chicago voter?

See, I was born and raised in Chicago. Went to school there. Worked downtown for decades. Maybe someday I'll move back. Buy one of those condos that are going abegging. At least that's my intent. Sort of. 

Credit for this idea goes to Paul Sassone, a columnist with the suburban chain of Pioneer Press newspapers, a member of Sun-Times Media. He reasons that what Chicago does has a lot of impact on the suburbs. (I'd note that destroying the peace and tranquility of the suburbs or wiping them out entirely by expanding O'Hare Airport is one of those impacts.) Besides, he has to put up with their incessant TV ads.

This is bound to anger the Chicagoans who insist that I have no business writing about Chicago stuff for the Chicago Tribune. Good.


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  • There may be a point to the extent I said that I didn't vote for Daley (at all, due to this legal technicality, and) to have Frank Kruesi tell suburbanites either to pay more sales tax, or he'll cut off CTA service to the suburbs. You also have the junk today about the meetings in Evanston to protest CTA planners' ideas, even though the odds are 999:1 that it will never be funded.

    However, I am sure that Emanuel, Chico, Del Valle, Braun or anyone else is not running on my platform. In that case, I really don't care about the mayor's race.

    I do salute Rahm for uncovering another one of the CTA's secret agendas, even though Hilkevitch didn't realize that when he reported it.

    As far as being in the suburbs, I'm glad we haven't has to listen to a "Rahm is a schmuck" commercial yet, like all the commercials for people running for Congress in districts where I don't have a vote.

    As far as you wanting to be a domiciliary of Chicago, I detailed the costs of doing so here. You probably could afford the Chicago real estate tax bill and city sticker.

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