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What about Illinois' abortion clinics? Are they safe?

The shocking “complete regulatory collapse” that allowed Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell to literally get away with murder raises a critical question: Are there any Dr. Gosnells in Illinois.  According to a grand jury indictment as described by Medscape Today, Gosnell illegally aborted third-trimester fetuses, severed the spinal cords of babies aborted alive with scissors, and... Read more »

Illinois going bankrupt?

The Daily Beast has ranked the 50 states by which are most likely to go bankrupt. Illinois is fourth on the list.

Should suburbanites be able to vote for Chicago's mayor?

  I think I want to vote in Chicago’s mayor election, even though I live in the suburbs. Why not? Now that the Illinois Supreme Court has determined to intending to live in the city can help you get on the ballot, why isn’t it good enough for me to become a Chicago voter? See,... Read more »

Jim Edgar: Bravo for the big tax increase!

( Tribune photo by Antonio Perez / October 23, 2008 ) Former Gov. Jim Edgar and former Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch hold a press conference at the Thompson Center in Chicago to urge Illinoisans to vote “no” on the Nov. 4 referendum about holding a constitutional convention. How nice that former Gov. Jim Edgar, whose... Read more »

Conservatives are baby-killers, don't ya know.

“123 US LAWMAKERS SUPPORT POLLUTERS OVER HEALTH OF CHILDREN” That’s the propaganda issuing forth from the National Resources Defense Council in response to bills introduced in Congress to overturn entirely or in party the decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to declare carbon dioxide a public health threat. You know how they are, those... Read more »

Will Illinois Supreme Court restore Rahm Emanuel to the ballot?

Good question. Greg Hinz makes an interesting point:   But the matter — probably quickly — is now headed to the Illinois Supreme Court. There, perhaps the swing vote may be held by Justice Anne Burke, wife of Chicago Alderman Ed Burke (14th), who has endorsed another candidate: Gery Chico. That would suggest a political decision... Read more »

The high irony of Rahm Emanuel's getting booted off ballot.

Every Illinois election law has one purpose: to protect incumbents and insiders from challenges by interlopers, independents and anyone that nobody sent. Outsiders of whatever stripe usually have to meet higher standards to get on the ballot, compared with advantages typically given to the established.  Thus, a fairly straightforward provision in Chicago election law, clearly... Read more »

OMG! Court says Rahm Emanuel can't be on the mayoral ballot

Talk about throwing everything up for grabs. The frontrunner, who is closing in on the majority vote that would give him the victory, is told by an Illinois Appellate Court that he does not meet the residency requirement and therefore can be on the ballot. Next comes the Illinois Supreme Court, controlled by Democrats. Could... Read more »

Illinois' financial sins--in exquisite detail

Jim Nowlan is an experienced hand at state government, having served in it and having observed it as a scholar. His commentary here is one of the best, clearly stated summaries of Illinois’ financial problems. It pessimistic about how the state can extract itself from this mess, but if nothing else, he’s realistic.  Read it... Read more »

Blame coaches, not Cutler

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune / January 23, 2011 Some Bears “fans” are burning Cutler’s jersey, no doubt hoping that he would be wearing it at the same time. They’re idiots. Blame Smith and the coaches that came up with the “game plan.” On that first drive on which the Packers scored on their first possession,... Read more »
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