Illinois legislators will get $55,000 - no wonder they are against pension reform.

What do you contribute to your pension? Maybe put aside a few bucks here and there? Then you'll be happy to know that we, the taxpayers, contribute $55,000 a year for lawmakers' pensions. Gov. Pat Quinn does even better, receiving a $140,000 contribution. 


In effect, taxpayers are not only coughing up their salaries, but also another 82 percent of their salaries as pension contributions. 

This is detailed in yet another fine piece of research by Bill Zettler and published in Champion News.


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  • You weren't clear, like the linked article was, that it is $55,000 per legislator, or a total of $9,735,000 for the legislature as a whole.

    The linked article also made it quite clear that the contribution per legislator or governor was about 82% of their cash salary.

    Of course, private employers send their employees a statement once a year that includes FICA as a benefit. So, they pay twice, for Social Security and state pensions.

    I've also noted that whenever pension reform is mentioned, someone, usually a teacher, posts "I made my contributions, now it is up to the state to make its." That must be a line fed by the union leadership, and the article seems to refute it by stating "the fact that the Employer Contributions (better known as taxpayer contributions) have been 230% more than employee contributions since 2000 even as the unfunded pension has increased by 500% from $15 billion to $80 billion."

    If some teacher wants to attack that, he or she should post a link to evidence refuting that conclusion.

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