Should Illinois teachers be allowed to strike?

A state legislative committee has scheduled hearings on that question. To hear the full WBEZ report, go here

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  • I've said before, No. In fact, supposedly a more liberal state, New York, has a Taylor Law saying that strikers lose two days of pay for each day of a strike. That is necessary, because the school year is usually extended after a strike, meaning that the teachers lose nothing.

    It is one thing to strike a private company--if the company then gives away the store to buy labor peace, it goes out of business or becomes Government Motors, and either way the stockholders lose. However, a teachers' strike is solely against the taxpayers, and the unions know they aren't going away.

    However, the unions write the labor laws in this state. What other explanation is there for the teachers having their own Labor Relations Act? is not going to happen.

  • Posted by me for MikeV

    Should teachers be allowed to strike?

    Not just yes but hell yes. Who is it that says teachers should not be allowed to withhold their services so as to illustrate in concrete fashion, how important they are, how valuable they are. Who is it that should take away the right of any worker to negotiate their wage by virtue of their daily efforts, or their ability to bargain, or their ability to withhold service? That right is basic to any free market. The teachers have the right to strike and we, the customer have the right, the choice, to replace them or bargain with them.


  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Basically, Mike V., if they want to exercise that "human right," they should pay as they do in New York, as I noted above. Not do it cost free, like in Illinois.

    If you can figure out a way for teachers to strike without the taxpayers being extorted (and in fact can bring in replacement teachers without further hurting the stduents' education), please let us know.

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