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Real estate forecast for 2011

Better days are ahead. At least according to this observer. We’ll return to the days when buying a home was considered to less of an investment, but more a matter of securing a place where we can enjoy the richness of life. We’ll never return to the glory days of the pre-2006 housing bubble, but... Read more »

Disabled fed workers' comp better than retirement

Would you rather receive up to 75 percent of your salary tax free for the rest of your life as workers’ compensation or up to 60 percent of your salary as your retirement. This is the “tough” choice facing federal employees injured on the job. Under a nearly century-old law, 132 postal employees 90 or... Read more »

What mayoral candidates are saying about Chicago's financial disaster: Not enough.

So, now that the Chicago Board of Elections will allow Rahm Emanuel‘s name to be on the mayoral ballot, we can — as some candidates have been urging — start talking about The Real Issues. Great, then let’s begin with the city’s dismal financial condition. It is the linchpin to the city’s success or failure. None of the... Read more »

It's not a sin to leave your children a pile of money

Occasionally, Americans need to be reminded that making lots of money is not immoral. Nor is it immoral to pass it down upon your death to your children. That time has come again, as the nasty fight debate over the Obama-tax compromise revealed. Sure, arguing about the economic and fiscal consequences of the package is... Read more »

Consumer spending growing at "torrid" rate.

And guess what? The growth is coming from the high-income people who won’t be gouged by those tax increases that Democrats wanted to impose.  Here is an explanation: Inflation-adjusted growth of 2.4 percent in consumer spending during the summer quarter — the highest annualized rate since before the recession in 2006. And so far in... Read more »

Hedge funds ride to Illinois' rescue?

Faced with more than $4 billion in unpaid bills, the Quinn administration is turning to Wall Street with a novel way to get the money, as traditional borrowing methods may be drying up. According to the Wall Street Journal, as reported on the website of The Illinois approach works like this: Investors take over... Read more »

New York Times aghast about Illinois

Could be among the first states to default on debt since 1930s, the newspaper warns. We know about it here, although the politicians are ignoring it, hoping that it might disappear. The editorial is worth reading.

The spirit of Christmas swamps the mall. Merry Christmas, all!

A well-watched video captures the spirit well.  

Best Christmas light display--ever

  Here is the full story about these lights.

Teen pregnancy and the raw truth

What can explain why the rate of teen pregnancy has dropped dramatically? As the Christian Science Monitor explains it:   Britol Palin After rising between 2005 and 2007, the US teen birthrate fell dramatically in 2009. What happened? For one, MTV began airing a tough reality show called ’16 and Pregnant.’   Parents still remain... Read more »
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