Beavers, he of the thick head

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, D-Chicago doesn't seem to understand that the voters want a clean house. He took a shot at incoming board

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Grand jury subpoenas issued by the U.S. attorney's office ask for all of Beavers' expense filings since he took county office in December 2006. The most recent subpoena was issued Oct. 4 in an investigation that dates to May 2009.

president Toni Preckwinkle whose job it is to clean out the rats nest that current president Todd Stroger and his predecessor father had been construction for decades. 

Beavers threw dirt on Preckwinkle for her supposed failure to work closely enough with Stroger on the job of transitioning to the new administration. For Beavers, apparently, the transition job is supposed to focus on keeping the old team in place. He said:

"If she'd quit playing politics and threatening everybody about how many people she's going to fire, and she's going to get rid of this and get rid of that, and then she expects somebody to bend over backwards to help her?" Beavers said. "People are not crazy. They're not going to help her if she's going to fire them the next day."

Typical of the mindset of the Chicago Democratic Machine--government is in existence for the benefit of its employees, not the public.


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  • As I noted in Ciric's blog, Beavers is succeeding in getting free pub, and you are helping him. So long as he gets 90% of the vote in his district, he doesn't care.

  • We may get luckey and have a two for one sentencing with beavers and his toad,I mean todd......

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