A post-election suggestion for bringing Illinois together

Here's a reasonable suggestion for an operating principle that will help solve Illinois many problems: Agree that anything that is done should have the effect of increasing private sector jobs and household incomes.

The suggestion came from Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman. In his analysis of the Illinois election results, he wrote:
As to what happens next in Springfield, the plan is simple. Our state needs a common-sense, unifying vision for a better future.  One simple, clear, nonpartisan vision is to make Illinois #1 in job creation with household incomes rising.  Illinois currently ranks 48th out of the 50 states in job creation and household incomes are falling (they once ranked as high as sixth and are now down to 12th). 

Whoever finally wins the governor's race should establish a simple decision-making filter--does this proposal help increase private sector job creation and increase household incomes?  If the answer is yes, the proposal should be supported.  If the answer is no, the proposal should be opposed.  We aim to be that filter. Putting people back to work and increasing household incomes helps families, and it also helps state and local government with rising tax revenues--all without increasing the tax burden on Illinois families.

It sounds simple enough. Until we get to the details, when the Democrats argue that a tax increase is good because it will help balance the budget and put the state on an even financial keel. As if taking money out of the private sector will help create private sector jobs.

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  • If this is an example of your last resort to good government groups (in one of your yesterday's posts), it is very weak.

    As you recognized that the state is will be in status quo for the next two years, there is only one guiding principle--pander to those dependent on the state so they will vote for us. In the meantime, in giving lip service to the job creation theory, give out a few tax breaks and say that is bringing jobs to Illinois. Give out a few more casino licenses and say that brings jobs in the private sector and revenue to Illinois. Continue giving free rides and say that is costless.

    In a similar vein, the Editorial Board wrote yesterday that they hope Preckwinkle will soon repeal the rest of the Stroger tax hike. She, however, was reported elsewhere to have said, not for this year, thereby driving more of Beavers's business to the Walmart in Hammond. I guess she has already failed John Tillman's test (but not his cousin Dorothy's).

  • I know it's foreign to most people about tax cuts for anyone but why can't government live within their means??I know that NO to anyone dependent on state handouts in very bad but come on already.We all need less government interference even on business.What can you do here in Illinois without being taxed??Why does Indiana draw business and we can't?? Come on this isn't a hard one to follow.A simple phrase is in to be filled in here,IT"S ALL ABOUT THE SPENDING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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