The political apology sweepstakes

The most frequent, witless question that reporters used asked was "How do you feel?" Now it has been supplanted by another even more witless question: "Will

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Sen. Ricky Hendon: Expect no apology

you apologize?"

Here's the latest:  Sen. Ricky Hendon (D-Chicago), who has a habit of making a jerk out of himself, called gubernatorial candidate, Sen. Bill Brady (R-somewhere Downstate), a "racist, sexist and homophobic." Reporters rushed to Brady's Democratic opponent, Gov. Pat Quinn, asking if he would disavow Hendon and ask him to apologize. Quinn tried to "disassociate" himself from Hendon's comments, but wouldn't apologize. Reporters rushed to Brady, asking him if he thought that Quinn ought to apologize. 
Enough with the demands for apologies. Hendon won't apologize, Quinn won't apologize for him and Brady will try to subtly suggest that Quinn isn't a decent guy if he does apologize for his ally, Hendon. Ain't nothing more to it.
Let us pray that today's journalism schools revise their list of stock questions and replace the apology question with something more important, like, "Boxers or briefs?"


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  • Hell, even if they do apologize, like Kirk supposedly did about his record, or Giannoulias about loaning to the mob, it doesn't make any difference.

    The core question is that apparently journalism school isn't teaching much of anything, if journalism is reduced to such nonessential trivia. Maybe if journalists investigated such stuff as what is the effect of Quinn not paying bills to social services contractors, or the effect of Oppenheimer being allowed to lose $73 million, or $85 million or whatever number of BrightStart funds, maybe we would learn something. We all know that Hendon has a habit of making a jerk out of himself, but what would be the consequences if his mayoral run would be successful? After all, he has a big following in a certain neighborhood of Chicago Now.

  • In an update, Roe Conn said that Hendon was supposed to be on his show at 3:30, but didn't show up. After playing the comments at issue, Roe suggested that anyone who would have called in to complain about the comments, call Hendon's office instead. Roe gave out the phone number on the air.

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