Political Poll fakery in Chicago mayoral race


Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune / September 20, 2010
Carol Moseley Braun speaks to the press at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago where she announced a petition drive for Braun For Mayor. She is not officially announcing her candidacy but is exploring the possibility

CBS 2 News reports that a "privately commissioned" poll shows that former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun leads all potential black candidates for mayor. CBS 2 says it 'has learned" about the poll, but the reporter Jay Levine never says whose poll it is and when and how its was taken. Nor are we informed of the sample size or the margin of error.

In other words, the story is a crock.

There ought to be a journalism rule--actually, there used to be, but that was years go--against reporting these kinds of "polls" (if one actually exists) or any poll commissioned or done by a candidate. 

Braun asserted that she was defeated for re-election to the Senate because of "dirty tricks." What dirty tricks? Shouldn't she be asked to describe them and provide the evidence?

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  • Well, I suppose in this age of information overload, a "privately commissioned" poll can be mentioned. Readers can then draw their own conclusions.

  • Jay Levine has become a bootlicking toadie of the CHicago Democratic party. He fails to cite the source for this poll and he drops to his knees when Rahm comes back to town throwing high arching softball questions to his emminence - one after another. Hey Jay, there's a smidge of Emmanuel-goo on your chin.

  • Jay Levine was most likely mocking the "privately commissioned" poll from Carol Mostly Wrong because it's just too funny that she thinks that she can get back on public aid via a mayoral paycheck. According to my polling data she comes in 57,604th behind Elmo and Pee Wee Herman. There was a margin of error of zero percent based on a 100 percent sample rate of my opinion. I know you are, but what am I? Infinity.

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