Pesky WIND commentator angers Rahm's protective media shield

This video (below) should deeply embarrass some members of the Chicago media. The video shows a WIND reporter trying to ask Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel some tough questions. Emanuel tries to avoid the reporter, William J. Kelly, turning his back on him and walking away several times.
Then the "regular" media arrive with their puff questions, but the Kelly continues to try to get his questions answered. Some might describe Kelly as rude, when rudeness is considered to be a virtual by some aggressive reporters. Regular media types resent the intrusion and soon try to crowd out (text continued below video)Kelly. It ends in a threat from Jay Levine, a WBBM tv reporter. Emanuel answers the regulars' cotton-ball questions, e.g. What do you hear from Chicagoans? Thus giving Emanuel, in effect, free air time. 

Reporters understandably get mad when an interloper tries to ask questions during a press conference, as this video shows. Reporters consider press conferences to be "theirs," not to be interrupted by mere citizens or reporters who are not part of the regular pack. As a reporter, I felt the same way. I think it comes from a reporter's attitude that says, "Hey, I'm just trying to do my job here."

I don't doubt that Kelly, described as a  political commentator and satirist, saw an opportunity to make a point, and, sadly, the regular media types helped him out. The reporter knew what would happen, and thus there's another piece of evidence that the media at least appear to be on the side of liberals and Democrats such as Emanuel.
I wonder how the regular media pack would react if "political commentator" Walter Jacobson--know to be a bit abrasive--tried to take over a press conference with his aggressive questioning? Like it or not, reporters should be asking the questions that Kelly was asking, about Emanuel's residency requirements, about Emanuel's connections with financial institutions and the bank bailout, and possible failures of Obama's economic stimulus. Emanuel had a lot to do with the stimulus, and any of its failures should indeed reflect on the president's former chief of staff and his ability to govern Chicago. 
Hat tip to NewsAlert.


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  • I've created a new rhubarb with you on this very topic right here Arguing in my spare time!

  • Last Wednesday afternoon Kelly was interviewed on Hannity's radio show. He complained that Jay Levine threatened him and a court date has been scheduled. While on the radio with Hannity he represented himself as a journalist with WIND radio exposing the liberal media sheilding Emanuel from hard-hitting questions. Hannity commented this is typical of liberals and felt a conspiracy in regard to Emanuel and the treatment of conservative resporters/journalist.

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