Illegal aliens campaign against Mark Kirk

The WBEZ headline calls them "undocumented youth," which I suppose means that they can't prove that they're young. Such are the distortions of language handed to us by the politically correct, like WBEZ and National Public Radio.

Undoubtedly, this story will anger some conservatives, the idea that foreign nationals, not qualified to vote, are interfering with our electoral process. Except, it's their right, just as all the rights in the First Amendment (e.g. speech and petitioning government) apply to all persons in the United States.
Actually, I sympathize with illegal immigrants who were brought here while
WASHINGTON - JULY 28: Dozens of U.S.-born children from across the country traveled to the White House with their undocumented parents to march and demonstrate against recent deportations July 28, 2010 in Washington, DC. Organized by CASA de Maryland, Familias Latinas Unidas, and other organizations, marchers describing themselves as 'Obama Orphans,' or children whose parents have been deported, called on President Barack Obama to keep his campaign promise of comprehensive immigration reform. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

they were young children. Having established their own lives here and not really having a homeland to return to. Making allowances for them is a good thing about the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (The Dream Act), which would provide legal status to some college students and military service members who have grown up in America.

But, one can wonder how effective this anti-Kirk campaign will be. Consider the remarks by Catherina Wojtowicz, from Chicago's Southwest Side: 

WOJTOWICZ: They're strategy is completely skewed. Mark Kirk's weak base is with the conservative movement. If they want to come to the Southwest Side, I'll give them a donation.
WOJTOWICZ: It'll help me. And Worth Township and the 19th Ward are Democratic bastions.


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  • The real question is whether any of those protesters are legally entitled to vote. After all, I have always contended that the reason people on the SW side want them counted in the census is so Ed Burke can win with 5 voters of European extraction and American citizenship in his ward. Furthermore, if the issue is donations, it is a little late, and probably short given what the DNCC has dumped into this dual race.

    However, Wojtowicz thanks you for what little publicity you gave her.


    All I know about Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and generally--ALL--Liberal Democrats are that they are genuflecting to illegal aliens and an Liberal-Dem Incumbent returns means Amnesty for the 13 to 20 million living here. Reid has affirmed that in the Lame Duck session of the Senate he will pass this abhorrent Amnesty to criminals. What remains is the silence, about the cost of $2.6 Trillion dollars (Heritage Foundation), to make it comfortable for illegal aliens which will come out of taxpayers

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    Before the August recess of Congress, the American people can aid jobless citizens, legal permanent aliens by insisting that The Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 2164 be brought to the House floor for a vote. Time is of the essence and Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith has an answer, to produce millions of jobs quickly and efficiently requiring the use of E-Verify nationwide that would free up jobs currently held by illegal aliens. This is a chance to help your fellow unemployed countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for the "Speaker of the House's office" or the "House Majority Leader's office. This is a very distasteful situation but birthright and legal individuals have a right to be employed over foreign cheap labor. You can also call the direct lines by dialing:

    * House Speaker John Boehner -- 202-225-0600
    * House Majority Leader Eric Cantor -- 202-225-4000

    America has been silently invaded and we are heading towards a future of overpopulation. We do not have the financial resources anymore and taking money from US taxpayers to pay for illegal alien’s welfare, emergency hospital visits and more throughout America is wrong. In all the discussions about cutting back on the US treasury deficits, both parties are refusing to consider in these opposed debates, the fact that illegal aliens are compounding this major issue; the dollar amount to the $14.5 Trillion dollars, in this depressed meltdown we are facing. The Department of Homeland Security estimated in 2003, that 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens had settled in America and 700,000 new people enter illegally and stay each year, with 8 million plus taking jobs from low income, middle class workers. This is about illegal immigration? An immigrant is not illegal and people need to be enlightened.

    E-Verify will reduce Sanctuary Cities and States policies, counter react The Dream Act, Secure Communities and place on iron fist of another fraudulent Amnesty being enacted. Secure Communitiesis also an excellent policing enforcement tool, but that is already enacted, but receiving negative publicity. Highly skilled Professional workers are always welcome, not indigent ECONOMIC illegal aliens who are driving this country, into a third world condition. We cannot accommodate any longer those who come here to steal welfare and public services from valid Americans. It is estimated that illegal aliens send home by wire transfer around $40 billion dollars annually, which should be going into state treasuries. Join the TEA PARTY; join the people of Black, White, Hispanic and every race and backgrounds who believe in the "Rule of Law."


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