Crapping on Asian carp "evidence"

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Asian carp. (Top)

Here's what we're supposed to do: Base on unreviewed research, the locks on the Illinois waterway must be closed to prevent the invasion of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes. The demand to close off a vital transportation link for the state and the Midwest was repeated today in a hearing on a suit filed by five states. Here's how the Tribune reported it:

Much of today's hearing again focused on the reliability of so-called eDNA testing, a method of extracting DNA from loose samples of fish matter collected in the water. The research, which had never before been used to track the presence of fish, was developed by David Lodge and scientists and biologists at the University of Notre Dame.

Judge Dow asked the plaintiffs to clear up the uncertainty over how DNA samples are handled before they reach the lab for analysis and whether false positive tests indicate problems in the research.

"I'm trying to get a clear picture of what I'm supposed to take from Dr. Lodge's testimony," Dow said.

A peer review of Lodge's eDNA work is currently underway, but the results may not be available until December. Until then, the defendants argued, Lodge's work should been seen as "unreliable" since the data has not been made available for public scrutiny.


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  • I have been saying this for a long time, nobody is listening. I have physically seen DEAD silver carp on the sides of barges on the Calumet River in late summer, early fall 2009. That is right before they came up with the positive (IMO, false positive) eDNA test results. What happesn is the fish jump onto the barges or get caught in the couplings between barges down below the fish barrier. They get transported above the barrier DEAD... Then kicked into the water. I have seen it with my own eyes back in 2009. The towing industy is a lot more sensitive now and makes sure their barges are "clean" before going above the barrier. IMO, these eDNA results in 2009 were from DEAD FISH... Whole dead fish. Why hasn't there been any positve eDNA results in 2010? Because by that time, whatever dead fish was around, degraded. Remember silver jump... Loaded barges are low to water (less freeboard)... If the barges are not cleaned before the barrier... Dead fish will enter the water when the barges are uncoupled or the fish is kicked overboard. Again, I have seen it with my own eyes RIGHT BEFORE this whole firestorm took off in late 2009. I thought nothing of it... The fish were dead and Asian carp can't carry eggs and spawn via a dead fish.

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