"Working" with Chicago gangs: Does the name Jeff Fort ring a bell?

Seems some Chicago punks are cross with Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis for reportedly telling them that he would enforce the law against them. Imagine the nerve of Weis.
The Traveling Vice Lords, Four Corner Hustlers and other idiots held a press conference to censure Weis for calling some gang leaders together and threatening to use the federal RICO law to go after them for the blood that their "organizations" spill. 
Never mind that such bloodthirsty criminal organizations were exactly what this racketeering law had in mind. Yet, the former and current gang members rambled on, barely intelligible according to some accounts, about Weis "disrespecting" them, totally oblivious that respect must be earned. 
The Tribune reported:
Former gang member Reginald Berry Sr. said police would be better off if
gang members were given job offers instead of threats of jail time. "The
problem with them is they're giving us an ultimatum -- 'quit!' instead
of alternatives," he said. Members of gangs ought to be told, "Get off
the corner selling these bags, and come to this construction site and
pick up this brick."

Yeah sure. We should "work with" the gangs, not against them. 

Reminds me of Jeff Fort, aka Abdul Malik Ka'baa, aka Prince Malik, aka Black Prince, aka Angel. 

Starting out as a street hood with a fourth-grade education, Fort ended up running an infamous gang, variously known as the Blackstone Rangers, the Black P Stone Nation, the Almighty Black P Stone Nation, the Black Peace Stone Nation and the el Rukns. After tearing up the South Side, dealing drugs, prostitution and in general making life a living hell for innocent Chicagoans. Never mind all that;  Fort managed to cajole and con the kind hearts in town into believing that if we only worked with him and his gang, we could end the violence and improve everyone's life. 
With this line, he managed to ring up more than a $1 million from a federal anti-poverty and community development program to teach gang members job skills. (It's interesting that at this week's press conference, one speaker said, in effect, we don't need no more job training, we've got job training up to here. What we need is job placement.) He had professional compassionators so snowed that he got the gang registered as a political organization, complete with "outreach" and all the other B.S. trappings. As a reporter at the old Chicago Daily News, we knew that if we had to reach Fort for a story we were working on, we would have to call his  P.R. guy to arrange it.
Eventually the authorities caught up with Fort--several times actually. He was in and out of prison, until at the last report he was housed in a federal supermax prison under a no human contact order. He had been variously convicted of conspiring with Libya to comment terrorist acts against the United State and for order the murder of a rival gang member. 
There were no apologies from the gang members or the social engineers that cooperated with them.
Meanwhile, someone at the press conference offered this reason for letting gang leaders off for crimes and violence committed by lower level gang members: Mayor Richard M. Daley isn't asked to take responsibility for their subordinates when city government leaders don't take responsibility for corruption by lower level employees.
Asked Mark Carter: "Is the mayor going to be held accountable for the corruption that takes place under his watch. And the biggest gang in the city of
Chicago is the Chicago Police Department."
Dear Mark, if only Daley would be held accountable. The feds--the same people you condemn--are working on it. 


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  • The real question is why the idiot press covers a "press conference" by ex-cons. One well known con, Rod Blagojevich has Glenn Selig pumping his lying message. George Ryan has Jim Thompson. What press agent is calling up the media in this city and giving people with, apparently, crack addled minds (at least from hearing excerpts on the radio), a platform to spew their nonsense?

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