Told ya so: Daley doesn't have enough $$$ for O'Hare expansion

What will it take for Mayor Richard M. Daley to give up his precious, unworkable and dangerous O'Hare Airport expansion plan? Tribune reporters 


John Geils: He was right; Daley was wrong

journalistic skepticism to see through Daley's charade, today are reporting that Daley needs another billion or so for this bottomless pit.

Expansion opponents, led by former Bensenville mayor John Geils, warned that these and a raft of other funding, operational and safety problems would self-inflict near-fatal wounds on the project, but no one listened. Even when the opponents lined up aviation experts--a former acting FAA administrator, among them--to present a fact-based argument against the expansion, no one listened.
Only now that the financial realities have prompted United and Airlines to refuse to toss any more money into this nonsense has the public started asking the questions for which the answers were readily available year ago.
I was involved in the fight against the expansion as a writer and consultant for the opponents, and in the face of all the frustration that the opponents felt in the face of being ignored or put down by the media and weak-kneed politicians, all I can say is: Told ya so. 


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  • However, you also fail to realize that the request for the additional $1 billion in bonding authority is being made to the Chicago City Council, which has a history of voting at least 45-5 for anything Daley wants. I predict at least 42-8 this time around.

    And, as far as the Western Terminal, the article you cited said that that was not on the immediate to do list.

    Also, Hilkevitch has never been able to see through a Daley charade, especially as it applies to charades dealing with the CTA. Sheila Gregory speaks, Hilkevitch takes it whole hog.

  • In reply to jack:

    Nor was the southern runway on the immediate "to do" list, but that didn't stop Daley from ripping up half of Bensenville now for it. The deception about the immediate to-do list is that everything--from the western terminal, to the new ring road, to western access, to all six parallel runways, to navigation improvements, and on and on--was sold as a single, integrated package. One couldn't be done without all the others, the city kept saying. Now Andolino, Daley's biggest toady whose airport and aviation knowledge amounted to zilch, is backtracking on another part of the integrated package: a 2014 completion date for the OMP and ALL of the other improvements.

    City backed bonds instead? Right. Just as the city's bond rating is in question and the city and state (and the feds and other states) have borrowed up to their necks. Daley always said that NO taxpayers' money would be involved (a lie to start with), that the airline backed bonds (along with passenger fees, FAA subsidies) would take care of everything. A lie, just like the promise that the northern runway would increase capacity. (Now they say it's only to reduce delays--a claim also worthy of challenge.)

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Crain's said this passed the city council, so I guess it is moot. They didn't report whether the margin was what I said.

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