Tea Party started right here in Chicago

Did you think it started in some Alabama backwater or was conceived in the mind of a former Alaska governor?

No, thank Chicago. The Sun-Times gives well-deserved recognition of the role that Rick Santelli, the CNBC reporter who reports from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile had in starting the Tea Party.

A interesting and well-written story Abdon M. Pallasch.
Below is the Santelli "rant." Check out the White House reaction and the unusual attack on a named journalist by Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs. And be sure to watch NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer brown nose Obama in attacking Santelli. You wouldn't know from this that Lauer is a journalist.


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  • I was very fortunate to be watching cnbc that day and enloyed the rant tremendously.His speach was so on and from the heart that I cheered right there in my familt room.Little did I know I instantly became a racist too.

  • The most important part of the story is near the end:
    "The New Yorker magazine offered evidence that the Tea Party movement has actually been funded and organized by corporate elites such as oilmen Charles and David Koch." Jane Mayer's investigative report http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/08/30/100830fa_fact_mayer?currentPage=2
    shows how the Cato Institute, and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University with the Koch brothers' millions provide the think-tank policy papers and pundits behind Santelli's ideology. Dennis Byrne would have done us a service to provide the link to this story, rather than the soundbites. It's not a grassroots movement, it is as synthetic as the Koch's owned Lycra brand.

  • In reply to mrpierce1:

    Right. And all those people who turn out for the rallies and show up at the polls are getting a piece of those millions. Got any more bogymen you want to share with us?

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    What is it that you don't get? The Koch's don't need to be handing money to every single Tea Partier. They're funding the propaganda that gets these people to go out and participate in the Tea Parties. They're stirring up populist rage to get these people to vote Republican in the fall. If you think any of the issues that Tea Partiers whine about are going to be addressed by a Republican congress, I've got a bridge I'd be happy to sell you. They'll get to repealing any and all regulation so the Koch's and every other corporate entity can keep raping the American people with the government safely out of the way.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Right. And all the billions of dollars in tax breaks going to millionaires such as Santelli has "trickled down" in the form of more jobs for middle- and working-class people. Got any more puff-piece brown-nosing to do on behalf of poor, exploited trading-floor demagogues?

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    The "Tea Party" is a misnomer. Thus, nothing was "started." All the "Tea Party" is are Republicans that are mad at other Republicans for not being sufficiently obstructive and angry. That's not a political movement. That's a tantrum.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Did the poster claim that the people showing up at rallies got paid? No? Then how about you address the point rather than build strawmen?

    The Koch brothers contributed at a minimum 12 million dollars to Freedomworks.


  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    right......so now his name is synonymous with the most ridiculously uninformed, hick political movement in history......well done for outing him.

  • In reply to mrpierce1:

    Yeah Rick! How many million dollar homes in your Oak Brook neighborhood are in foreclosure and who's paying for those extra bathrooms? Maybe you can blame ACORN or Obama for the dozens about to go to auction.

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