Sick of Rahm, already

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Is anyone as sick as me from hearing about whether Rahm Emanuel will run for Chicago mayor? Jeez, let us alone, would ya?

Some of my media colleagues have been so easily manipulated by this guy into doing a story at every turn that I'm embarrassed for them.  He's supposed to announce on Friday, maybe that he'll be "weighing" a decision to run. Then there'd be more weeks of "will-he-or-won't-he? stories. Plus stories about how he's consulting with whoseits and whatsits. Then about how much money he's raised.
If he doesn't announce on Friday, it means that he has scheduled a few more meetings with his potential rivals to force them out of the race, like Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who got his head handed to him in the media after a similar meeting.


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  • Can't these guys find any real work? Oh yea, they already ran most of the businesses out of business.Yes I am sick of hearing about rahm the bomb.He will pull out all the stops too.He'll have that piece of s#*t tomczak helping him out.These are snakey peolpe to deal with. I just want the media to not drool and fawn all over him,just expose his past please.

  • Of course, you left out Roe Conn's continuing coverage that Rahm doesn't meet the residency requirement. Expect more of that, especially if it goes to court.

  • Rahm is the new Drew Peterson .The media will force feed the public even though they really don't want any.

  • If you take articles like this one, it has already gone off the deep end.

    Of course, I'm sure the Tribune will next run one about how Rahm is doing well with every eligible voter in this election from Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, and his native Glencoe.

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