Read, don't burn, a Koran

Some fool wants us to burn a Koran. Terry Jones, a Florida preacher, has thousands of the Muslim holy books ready to toss on the pyre on Sept. 11--the anniversary of the attacks on America and the end of Ramadan. Fear that it will cause deaths of Americans overseas brings a shrug of his shoulders and a "too bad." 

Burning any book puts Jones in the same group of tyrants who tried to stomp out ideas--including Christianity--they didn't like. But attacking a religious book puts Jones in a group of anti-Americans who reject the liberties that under gird this country.


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  • Doesn't book burning cause global warming ?

  • Dennis, I agree with you--this is a stupid idea. Any statement he's trying to make (opposition to Ground Zero Mosque, honoring 9/11 dead) is undermined by this clumsy attempt to tweak the nose of Islam. Jones is an idiot.

    At the same time, this story is getting a disproportionate amount of attention. Hardly any major paper has mentioned the whackier statements of Ground Zero's imam Rauf, such as his use of the N-word. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander....just like Rauf's dumb behavior, Jones's should be ignored too.

    Jones has as much "right" to burn the Qur'an, though, as the artist who expressed his creativity by immersing the crucifix in urine. It was a disgusting and offensive act, and yet there were no riots or death threats that I remember. Like the Nazi march in Skokie, sometimes our cloak of liberty is thrown around undeserving shoulders.

    And yes, the Qur'an should be read, probably especially by the very people who would be tossing copies onto the fire. And it should be read with this in mind: Muslims believe that every verse is the literal truth of God, and none can ever be changed or contradicted...even the verses that deal harshly with unbelievers.

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