Obama: Ahmadinejad's remarks 'hateful'

Yeah, and he's also "offensive," "outrageous" and "disgusting." So there.

Obama made the comments after

Richard Drew, Associated Press / September 23, 2010
Ahmadinejad: A quack in the company of fatheads.

Iranian president Mohmoud Ahmadinejad told the assembled fatheads (aka, the UN general assembly) that the U.S. orchestrated the 9-11 attacks to "save the Zionist regime," increase its grip on the Middle East and to reverse the declining American economy. Notice how well that last worked. No telling how many of the fatheads took this lunatic seriously.

Obama's response to this nuttiness amounted to nothing more than the childish "So's your old man" retort. As if chiding Ahmadinejad will make him change his mind about anything.
Ahamdinejad recognizes a pushover when he sees one, and he knows that nothing will happen before or after Iran develops its nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. As long as Obama is at the helm.

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