Exit Richard M. Daley; enter Rahm Emanuel

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The Rahmster

Things just have a way of working out for Rahm Emanuel, who earlier this year leaked the story that he'd be interested in being Chicago's mayor. No one know whether he was dropping a heavy hint for Daley to move on, or whether he knew some bad news was coming out of the U.S. attorney's office. In any case, Emanuel later clarified, saying that he wouldn't run against Daley if the mayor decides he wants to keep the job.

Now, Emanuel's road has opened up with Daley's declaration that he's not running. Emanuel has already said that he didn't plan to stay on as Barack Obama's chief of staff much longer--probably to the great relief of the people who have to deal with this egomaniac. The question now becomes: who in Chicago is willing to stand up to Emanuel's intimidations? And, who has the patronage army that Emanuel had used--at Daley's approval--to get himself elected to Congress? And, with the feds watching closely, will he even be able to assemble those forces? And, will Emanuel, having worked some deal with Daley, get the current mayor's help?
For Chicago's sake, let's hope that Emanuel doesn't have it in the bag.


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  • Ask Kass; Rahm undoubtedly does.

    Also, I mentioned this about 6 months ago, at least other places on ChicagoNow, and undoubtedly for the real reasons.

    The only question, which is related to the prior two posts on O'Hare, is whether the aldercreatures now get some testicular virlity (you, too, Hairston and Lyle; I guess that the Irish alderwomen are retiring).

  • I don't think voters care much for Rahm.

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    Until most of the voters in Chicago show that they are not sheep, it won't make any difference.

    The only thing that would show differently is if enough candidates take the plunge to provide real competition. Of course if as many candidates enter and stay in the race as the panel predicted on Channel 11.1 tonight (replayed on Channel 11.2 at 10:00 p.m.) and fracture the vote, it won't matter either. I mentioned Kass earlier, and I am sure that his friend "How ya doing" DeLeo will get out the vote for the last representative of the 5th District not convicted of anything.

    The only other thing that puts doubt in my mind is that Blago is going to be retried about then. I thought that Rahm escaped jeopardy when the defense rested without exercising its subpoenas. However, I think that Presidential Adviser A is going to be called at the second trial, by either the prosecution or defense (remember that he was alleged to be the target of two of the shakedowns). Whether he gets off so clean the second time is still an unknown.

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    just what we need another career crooked pol and a foul mouth.this guy is just trash,do not even let him in the building.although there will be many lemings who will just follow because of who he is.wake up and start new.look into this mutts past and see who he came up under and you'll know what i am talking about.

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    Chicago politics are loud and crass from the outside looking in, but subtle and cospiratorial on the inside. You might find a comparison in the politics of Renaissance Italy, which Machiavelli used as his example when he wrote "The Prince", the most clear-headed playbook on politics ever written. Machiavelli would have approved of Daley in the manner in which Daley used his position and power. Now, Daley is "out", but it is unlikely he is really "out". He can still annoint his successor, and can play the game of "will he or won't he". A potential or declared candidate will still have to get the blessing. Daley can be in the position of the Renaissance Popes, who were "above it all" but actually were kingmaker.

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