Daley, Ald. Lyle get it absolutely right on neighborhood violence.

daley after.jpg

Mayor Daley presides over the City Council this morning, the day after his retirement. (José M. Osorio/Tribune)

Items from words-that-dare-not-be-spoken Department:

Maybe it took Mayor Richard M. Daley to announced his retirement to express the kind of outrage that he did today.

He's fed up with neighborhoods that refuse to cooperate with the police whenever violence strikes their communities. Referring to the shooting death Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey, Daley said:

"We should be outraged that no one has come forward in order to solve this case. It's the community that stands up -- not the politicians and not the police department," Daley said from the rostrum, his voice rising in anger.

"You have the courage. He had the courage to die for you. . . .  It's about time that the community -- you're the ones who must come forward. . . . The only way you solve this case . . . is that you just call somebody . . . and say, 'That is the individual that did it.' People know who it is. And it's about time you stop blaming the Police Department, you look in the mirror and you take responsibility over this."

Daley also unleashed his anger about the public's  love-hate relationship with Chicago Police.

"It's really amazing how opinions change. Two years ago, people were beating up the police. Every time you turn around, 'Let's beat up a police officer.' Now, you need 'em. Now, you love 'em," the mayor said.

Ald. Freddrenna Lyle (6th), Bailey's Park Manor neighbor, chimed in with some other words that dare not be spoken among progressives: The damage that forced economic integration has done to her neighborhood:

Lyle has blamed the CHA's Plan for Transformation, in part, for the surge of crime that included a Labor Day burglary at the alderman's home.

"Over the last four or five years, it has become a community that many of us say we don't understand, we don't recognize, we don't know who these people are," Lyle said.

"I don't know how many days a week we see some behavior on the street and we say, 'Where in the world did these people come from and we sure wish they'd go back.'  We've never seen people who had such a disrespect for themselves [and] the property of others."

Good and courageous reporting here by Sun-Times' Fran Spielman. 

One more observation: This is the Richard M. Daley that I'll miss. 


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  • I have been running for Mayor of Chicago since April 2010. My last interview on Chicago Clout was Fri. Sept 03 2010, 4 days before Daley said he is not running. My interview was about a way to fix the Chicago Public School System. You want to know more, please visit my web site and watch my 2 interviews and review my platform.
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  • The Tribune Editorial Board noted that Daley should be credited for demolishing high rise public housing. As both you and Lyle noted, without replacement housing, that resulted in the blight in most of the South Side, from about 67th to the Will County line.

    As you noted, this was good reporting by the Sun-Times. If you happen to walk into Tribune Tower, maybe you could mention that to the fuzzy thinkers there.

  • Call in th sociologists, call in the psychologists to explain the culture that harbors criminals and muderers. As a newspaper police reporter 55 years ago I saw exactly the same phenomenon. Nothing has changed. I suspect that some folks in those neighborhoods are unwilling participants in covering the tracks of criminals, but must do it for whatever reasons apply the requisite pressure.

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