Blago's new effing gold thing: Rahm Emanuel

Could it be that Rahm Emanuel's opportunity to become Chicago's mayor comes at just the right time for our convicted felon and former governor, Rod Blagojevich.
Consider: Rahm Emanuel, now president Barack Obama's chief of staff, wants to become mayor. He'll have to run in the February primary. Rod Blagojevich's new trial starts in January. His legal team once threatened to call Emanuel to testify about what he knows about Blago's alleged effort to sell President Barack Obama's old Senate seat. Will his legal team this time follow through and drag Emanuel into the whole stinking mess just before the election?
Uh oh.
Further consider: Emanuel, the slick politician that he is, undaboutedly has taken into account what his appearance--smack in the middle of his campaign--on the witness stand in the biggest corruption trial here in years could do to his election chances. Blago no doubt has thought about it too. Blago has a chance to do Emanuel a favor by not calling him as a defense witness. A big favor. For Blago its a big effing golden thing.
daley rahm.jpg

Congressman Rahm Emanuel talks with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley on June 6, 2008, during Chicago's 2016 Olympic Rally at Daley Plaza. (Tribune photo)

Blago has needs. He's going to prison for his prior conviction of lying to the feds. Perhaps even longer if he is convicted of any of the score of counts he faces in his new trial. Nothing that Emanuel, even as Chicago mayor could do about that. But, as Chicago mayor, whose hands are on the levers of countless jobs and contracts, there is something that Emanuel could do for Blago's family. Or for Blago when he emerges from the Big House.
I don't know if such a quid pro quo i
obama rahm.jpg

President Obama, accompanied by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, waves back to a shouted birthday greeting as they walk to board his helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House. (Associated Press / August 4, 2010)

n return for not calling Emanuel to testify is illegal. Nor am I sure that such a thing would happen; I'm only pointing out the opportunity exists.

Of course, none of this would happen if Emanuel decides he doesn't want to run for office. But he's running, despite the fog coming from the White House about how Emanuel will probably not decide until after the election because he's so busy being chief of staff.
The man wants to be The One. It didn't take long after he was elected to his first term as a Congressman from the North Side and northwest suburbs that he let it be known that he wanted to be Speaker of the House--even though Nancy Pelosi had only recently ascended to the post. Emanuel is not the type of guy who wants to play second fiddle, even if it is to the president of the United States as his chief of staff. For most people, that would be enough.
Not for Rahm. With a long list of "incidents" displaying his temper and his impatience with anyone who dares disagree with him, it's clear that he wants to run it all. And what government post in the entire United States offers him a chance to run it all than mayor of Chicago. Never mind that it would be a disaster for Chicago.
It's got to grind on him that the one man who could damage that chance is a convicted felon that Emanuel once supported. You've got to love the irony. 


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  • Yea,all the rats still running in the same posse.Can't these guys find a job any place other than the public trough? Send these guys packing once and for all.And for rahm to bring back tomczak,what a piece of s#*t he was and I'm sure hasn't changed much.GO AWAY...

  • Of course, you miss the obvious one that perhaps one of the reasons for the hung jury is that the government did not call one of the supposed victims of the two extortion attempts, the ones that involved the charter school and Valerie Jarrett--i.e. Congressman A a/k/a Presidential Adviser A a/k/a the above candidate for mayor.

    I thought Rahm got off clean last time when neither side called him. However, you seem to dismiss the possibility that the prosecution will have to call him this time.

    On the other hand, I don't think Rod's federal defender is going to put on a defense, either (this assumes good betting odds that Adam and Adam are not sticking around, and Rod is going to be limited to two lawyers, even though they can use the formers' work product). Anyway, all the subpoenas handed out for the first trial were a ruse.

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