Obama's religion? Not our business.

Too much is being made of President Barack Obama's religious beliefs. Or whether he has them.

Is he Chrisitan or Muslim? Does he practice his religion? Why hasn't he picked a church in Washinton D.C. where he is a regular congregant? What do Americans think his religion is?

This has gone way overboard. It reminds me of when presidential candidate John F. Kennedy had to address his Catholic religius beliefs at a convention of some sort of Protestant convention. As if what he believed had to be acceptable to them. How arrogant.

The First Amendment that guarantees the separation of church and state has two meanings: The state cannot interfer with the practice of religion nor can the state establish a religion. By the same token, the people should not be requiring a religious test of their public officials.

The suggestion that Obama is secretly a Muslim reeks of the same bigotry that suspected that Kennedy, as a Catholic, would be ushering in the papal troops to take over America if he is elected president.



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John Kennedy also had to face stupid and intrusive questions about his religion.


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  • I don't know how this came up again this weekend. If it was just that Obama said that the First Amendment allows freedom of religion, including for Muslims who want to establish a place of worship in lower Manhattan, I take it that the adjunct professor of Constitutional Law at the U. of C. was just talking in that capacity.

  • doesn't matter as long as the world is safe enough to live in

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