Democrats at Illinois state fair praise themselves for cleaning up their mess

It's as if Republicans were to blame for giving us Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Here is a week worth of chuckles in which: 
  • House Speaker Michael Madigan sets the Democratic strategy for the coming elections: Face it head on. Point out that Democrats threw him out of office. (But ignore the fact that it was the Democratic Machine and all of its players that gave us Blagojevich in the first place. What's to stop them from giving us more of the same?)
  • Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) took up the theme, pointing out that the Senate impeachment trial "resulted in a unanimous verdict" against Blagojevich, and therefore "I think we did our job." Great strategy. Make the voters forget about Blago by referring to Blago.
  • Comic Al Franken (D-Minn.) accused Republican senate candidate Mark Kirk's memory of being "fuzzy" about his military record and his entire life. Yes, Franken's military record is far superior.
  • Gov. Pat Quinn said that at least he stood up for honest government while Republicans did nothing about George Ryan. (True) This from the man who defended Blagojevich during their re-election campaigns as being "honest." The dope's excuse? "He misled me," as if to say I was so stupid that I couldn't see what everyone else in the state saw. 
Loved this last line of the Tribune story: "In Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley declined to comment on the Blagojevich trial today."


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  • I just returned from the state fair and am glad I missed demorat day. I haven't been to the fair in about 20 years but what a great place to see the real people of Illinois.I took in the capital and stood outside to see what a grand building it is,unfortunately it reaks of corruption.You can blame both parties but the dems have controlled this place for decades and it stinks of them.I saw the flag ceremony at Lincolns tomb and I swear I did hear him spinning.We need to take back this state from the creeps running it now. Vote in November please,throw the bums out...

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