Obama's guy to help Giannoulias


Illinois Statehouse news reports that David Plouffe, who ran Barack Obama's successful presidential campaign, has "signed on" with the  Alexi Giannoulias  campaign. We will await breathlessly to see what  Plouffe comes up with to exlain away his candidates banking deals. 


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  • I think your prior post answered this question, as well as one you poised, when the Oberman decision came out, about why a special election was not called earlier.

    Of course, the whole point of this game is to drag Kirk down to Alexi's level, by raising doubts whether Kirk was a kindergarten teacher or drowned at age 17. Since that's all Alexi has, they are going with it and the Rasmussen poll confirms that it is working.

    If the special election were held on February 2, 2009, Alexi wouldn't have had enough time to dig up this dirt, and Kirk would be the incumbent Senator. Now he has to work for it.

    However, given the level of intelligence shown in comments to Kass's column and the Blago Blog, it appears that Illinois voters are happy to have fools like Alexi, and probably overwrought that Rollie's term will be cut by a month. After all, the explanation for Broadway Bank falling apart is that it was caused by Kirk.

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