Obama's base quits blaming Bush

Is it possible? Can it be true? Is it time for President Obama and his flunkies to stop blaming former President George W. Bush for every problem that comes down the road?

Apparently so, according to this story in the Washington Times:
As the story points out:

Support for Mr. Obama has eroded among whites, independents, men and now Hispanics, who were part of the coalition that powered him to the White House in 2008.


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  • Maybe the folks who were posting on comment boards "Protect our Troops, Bring them Home Safe Now" finally realize who has the power to do that.

    Heck, I know an unemployed person who says "THIS President isn't doing anything about the economy."

    The real question is what this does for a candidate like Dan Seals, who, other than asserting the right to run repeatedly where he doesn't live, basically had the support of the "end the war yesterday" crowd.

    Of course, the story was in The Washington Times, not The Washington Post.

  • In reply to jack:

    WOW REALLY! Your one unemployed person is valid proof? Guess what: i was unemployed and have now found two jobs. Looks like i just canceled your friend out.

  • In reply to jack:

    Why is the world would a journalist with some duty to objectivity read and quote the Washington Times? That's akin to quoting The Daily Worker.

  • This just proves that people are, essentially, stupid. It takes more than a year and a half to fix all of the things one dumbass who had unequivocal power for eight years screwed up. I called that this would happen years ago.

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