New Chicago gun ordinance: A feel-good exercise in futility


Mayor Richard Daley listens as Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis discusses the new gun control ordinance passed by City Council in special session at City Hall. The Council passed Daley's new set of gun restrictions 45-0. It will be 10 days before the new ordinance becomes city law. Then anyone who wants to get a handgun must obtain a Chicago firearm permit, and the Police Department has up to four months to process the applications.

To apply for a permit, applicants must provide a certificate indicating they have passed a firearms training course with four hours in the classroom and an hour on the range. People who have committed violent crimes, or have two or more convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be allowed to get the permits. Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune / July 2, 2010

It's all window dressing anyway. Even the dumbest alderman (a tautology) who voted for the new gun-in-your-home regulations has to know that it won't work. Just look at what the even stricter hand-gun ordinance that the Supreme Court killed accomplished: Nothing.

I'm not a pro-gun, pro-National Rifle Association guy, but it is obvious that passing "tough" handgun laws, regulations and ordinances have become an end in itself. The desired goal is a reduction in street violence, but can someone show me the logical pathway between the stringent new requirements and street violence? Yes, yes, guns stolen from homes end up on the streets, but how many? Especially in comparison to the sale of guns from shops and gun shows. If we want to limit guns, the first place to start is to require stricter qualifications for buying a weapon at a gun show--something beyond Chicago's reach. That kind of restriction would withstand any Supreme Court challenge.
It's a shame when public policy is set this way. Mayor Richard M. Daley has become so fixated on gun-control that he had to take the lunatic position that people don't have a right to keep a weapon in their homes for self defense. And the way the City Council sheep fell in line, in record time, is a sorry comment on their idea of the democratic process.
And then there will be the costs of defending the city again against the lawsuits that surely will be filed thanks to the punitive nature of the new gun-in-your-home regulations. Weapons trainers certified by the city--how do you think that will work in the city with the open hand? Pay-offs for fake evidence that you took your 4 hours of training. Gawd, everything Chicago does raises the potential for increased boodle. 


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  • Hey Chicago! you did a great job by booting Daly out of office, but WTF were you thinking by putting Rahm Emmanuel in his place?!? Unbelievable!

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