Insane Illinois

A very good column by Mary Laney exploring just how insane Illinois is. 

Teachers and employees are being laid off, yet no one has touched the countless Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Assistant Principles, and multiple (and unnecessary) School Districts that overlap in townships and suburbs. It is that overlapping bureaucracy that is highly overpaid and mostly unnecessary. It is the teaching force that is necessary in Illinois.

And teachers would not have to be laid off if they had agreed to take one small pay cut for one year. Some teachers say the union never brought the possibility of a pay cut to their attention. If that is the case, the union should be put on the hot seat for defrauding its members out of a chance to vote and save jobs

Read it in The Chicago Daily Observer


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  • I've been saying this for 14 years now.

    The two additional, and I believe main problems are:

    1. The school districts in the south suburbs are too small to have any tax base. The same can be said for some of the puny villages, such as Phoenix, Robbins, and Dixmoor.

    2. The tax base isn't an issue in the north suburbs, but the myriad of administrators is. Then a district with 3 elementary schools serving maybe 600 students says it has to give the administrators raises, because it has to stay competitive with the district next door.

    The answer, of course, is to merge the districts, so that each one is at least the size of half a township. (At least high school districts are usually based on townships or units that size.) In most suburban townships, that would eliminate 3/4ths of the administrators.

    Elgin U46 proves that consolidation is not the answer to all problems, but at least there aren't the 10 or 15 sets of administrators fighting the taxpayers for competitive pay that you would have in a similar area of the North Shore (excluding Evanston 65). There is no need for 4 school boards in some of the villages.

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