Eric Zorn and I duke it out over urban violence--on Wednesday

My column doesn't appear in the Chicago Tribune today because I've entered Tribune columnist Eric Zorn's rhubarb patch on Wednesday to debate the causes and solutions to urban violence. With three cops killed in two months and on Monday night a raging gun battle at a CTA bus turnaround will Chicago become known as Bagdad on the Lake?

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  • We can only hope that it is literally, not figuratively, despite the thereby resulting increase in thug violence in Chicago. :-)

  • Macho posturing fuels much of the violence.Young people need to invent a face saving phrase or gesture.It would allow them to walk away from or at least postpone confrontations without dishonor,if their opponents agreed.This could be done immediately.It wouldn't cost any money.It wouldn't require major lifestyle changes.It could still be done without input or permission from press,police,politicians,professors,preachers and parents.This wouldn't stop robberies and such ,but should reduce fights over minor slights.

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