Can homosexuality be "cured?" Does it matter?

Here is an infrequently considered take on this not-to-be-asked question. Rather than focusing on the controversial idea of trying to "change" sexual orientation, this perspective undertakes analysis on a deeper, more spiritual level.
If you don't like religion, than don't spend your time reading this; it'll just get you mad. But if you seek a deeper understanding of those who are trying to reconcile the tenets of their faith with one of today's most vexing social, political and moral issues, then you might want to read this with an open mind.
The story is told by Jim Bowman, Chicago author and more religion reporter at the Chicago Daily News, in


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  • Great! I don't like Republicans. Can i tell them they shouldn't breed, too?

    Religious nuts are the most dangerous "vexing social issue" of all (they've murdered a lot more people than the gays).

  • Right off the bat in the article, homosexuality is something to be changed "by mental health professionals." Call me a closed-minded religion hater, but I stopped reading after that. The fact is I don't like religion when it perpetuates blatant bigotry.

    The Bible is a big book written thousands of years ago, and many of its precepts are no longer relevant in the modern world. Its stance on homosexuality is evidently the one absolute that transcends time and space. Everything else in the Bible, it seems, is flexible, optional (even the Ten Commandments can be gotten around one way or another), or just in there for filler.

    It's too bad that nobody is working on a cure for bigotry.

  • I do like the republican bit and the bible too. I believe the article was a what if thing.Don't start jumping off buildings about it.I really don't care or mind what people do behind their bedroom door just leave me alone to the fact that i have to approve.Look up the meaning of the words racism and bigotry,you might learn what they trully mean.I can see that again the only opinion is their opinion.As to being gay,get over it your not that important to EVERYONE that you think you are.

  • Maybe the first step is to determine if homosexual orientation is genetically or physiologically predetermined. One can't be cured of being Black or Oriental. Maybe, through psychological treatment, one can be cured of being a thug in the hood, or of masturbating in public. It doesn't appear that religious preaching has much an effect on either.

    Obviously, homosexuality is not genetically determined (unless it is a very recessive gene, but I don't know how seedless watermelons come into the world, either), but it may be physiologically. I knew people who had biological children, but acted homosexual, and at least one of them eventually divorced, and got earrings and a boyfriend.

    Of course, the irony is that it is a Catholic newspaper that talks about relegating them to chastity (and I assume he doesn't mean Chaz Bono), given the allegations about pedophile priests, most of which now are acknowledged by the Church. Especially, when the article says "Among precipitating causes the most common is 'sexual trauma, for which the numbers are very high.' He said, 'One third of young men who self-identify as homosexual were abused. It's a way to raise the [distress] flag.'" Maybe the author ought to ask Fr. Dan McCormick about that.

    Of course, I am in no position to argue with you about Church dogma on the topic than I was to argue with your colleague who wrote the post about the U of I professor, about the dogmas of the gay marriage movement, embraced by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

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