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Obama on the View: Boxers or briefs?

Is the president exposing himself often enough to serious hardball questions from real journalists? What would former President George W. Bush have done? The denizens on the daytime woman’s talk show The View thankfully didn’t ask the boxers-or-briefs question that was put to President Clinton by a 17-year-old girl during an MTV town hall meeting... Read more »

Arizona court decision: blah, blah, blah

Judge Bolton: Master of the Blah Blah On such thin threads hang the decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton declared key parts of the Arizona immigration law unconstitutional. This is from her written opinion. If you can make sense of this, let me know. The Court cannot interpret this provision as Arizona suggests. Before... Read more »

Federal judge Susan Bolton blocks key parts of Arizona immigration law

Judge Bolton grants a temporary injunction of the toughest parts of the law while it is further adjudicated, but allowed other parts of the law- to stand. Among those provisions left standing is a prohibition on the creation of “sanctuary cities,” the subject of my posting today in the Chicago Daily Observer. I haven’t read the... Read more »

Obama's base quits blaming Bush

Is it possible? Can it be true? Is it time for President Obama and his flunkies to stop blaming former President George W. Bush for every problem that comes down the road? Apparently so, according to this story in the Washington Times: As the story points out: Support for Mr. Obama has eroded among whites, independents, men... Read more »

Council OKs 3rd Chicago WalMart

That was fast. After battling for years just to get one, and then, belatedly, two, the third WalMart was approved by the City Council with flying colors. Now, can we get on with finding other good sources of jobs without the special interests (e.g. labor unions) interferring?

Today is 30th anniversary of the release of Animal House

Go to The Toilet Paper for relevant observations and unforgettable lines and scenes. As TP says, America would never be the same. 

Obama's guy to help Giannoulias

Illinois Statehouse news reports that David Plouffe, who ran Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign, has “signed on” with the  Alexi Giannoulias  campaign. We will await breathlessly to see what  Plouffe comes up with to exlain away his candidates banking deals. 

Illinois Senate election: Giannoulias (D) 43%, Kirk (R) 41%

Pick your poison, I guess. Some interesting data in this Rasmussen poll on trust, etc. 

Gingrich would restrict the free exercise of religion by opposing a mosque near Ground Zero

Newt Gingrich argues against the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero. Newt being Newt, he makes some strong arguments against the juxtaposition of these two important symbols. Yet, I recall that the First Amendment forbids government from preventing the free exercise of religion, and that obviously what would happen here if the mosque were... Read more »

If Federal Law is Supreme Law, How Did Chicago Become a "Sanctuary City?"

If Arizona is not allowed to have its own “immigration policy,” as the Obama Department of Justice insists, then why is Chicago and other local or state governments allowed to have their own immigration policies by creating sanctuaries for illegal immigrants? Chicago, Evanston, Cicero and scores, if not hundreds, of other state and local governments... Read more »
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