To be feminist is to be pro-life

With the success at the polls in California and elsewhere it is time for pro-choice feminists to stop pretending that they have an exclusive patent on

Carly Fiorina

feminism. Despite that success, rigid and absolutist (pro-choice) feminists are on the warpath, declaring that California GOP Senate primary winner Carly Fiorina cant be "true feminists."

The issues is dealt with exceedingly well by Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a nation-wide support group for pro-life women in politics. In this opinion piece, she notes, 

Once the idea of feminism escaped the universities and books and reigning newspapers which gave it life, it became the public property of millions of American women. These women are free to decide, over time and through their lived experiences, where their interests really lie. In other words, the business of defining feminism is not a monopoly; it is a competition of ideas.

Pro-life feminists like Carly Fiorina think that women don't view the right to abort their child as the linchpin of their freedom or their happiness. Rather, they wish to bear the children they conceive, while maintaining the realistic possibility of getting an education and working to help support their families.

She calls on abortion rights feminists to "stop the name-calling and recognize their pro-life sisters' efforts to move feminism in a more inclusive, responsive, and rational direction.

Men, this also pertains to us. Dannenfelser said, 

It is no coincidence, suggests the pro-life feminist, that 37 years after women were granted the "right to abortion," the number of women and children living without the presence or the support of the father is at an all-time high. She thinks it's no accident that elite jobs are regularly populated by women who, often with regret, felt pressured, with no support available to them, to avoid parenting in order to advance in their career.


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  • The sixtys mentallity is over.The products and pie in the sky thinking didn't work. Thanks to them we now have record numbers of poor a permanent underclass and more parentless children than ever.This being the Year of the Woman, just not their women is what we need to rally around.Why do you think the Tea Party Movement is so well organized and popular.Let women give it a whirl>

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