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Wind turbine power: nirvana

A quiz about wind power: 1. Who runs America’s biggest wind farm? (A) Cannon Power Group, (B) General Electric, (C) BP or (D) Terra-Gen Power. 2. Where is it located? (A) Oregon, (B) Colorado, (C) California or (D) Indiana. The answers are BP and Indiana. BP? The company whose thirst for oil may have polluted the Gulf of Mexico for decades? And... Read more »

Kirk apologizes

At last, GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk faced the press for a lengthy Q&A. Here is an early report of today’s press conference from Politico.

Labron James burnout

Is anyone else as worn down as I am by the speculation that NBA superstar Labron James is coming to play for the Chicago Bulls? Or that he’s leaning toward Chicago? Or that Chicago is his top pick? Come on, Chicago; we’re supposed to be the savvy, gritty city that can recognize a scam when... Read more »

Vacation rentals: A new method of shaking down Chicagoans

Teri Smith has invested $3.6 million over the last seven years to develop Chicago Guest House, which rents out six vacation properties in Wrigleyville and Lakeview. She believes the proposal to make Chicago the first major U.S. city to license and regulate vacation-apartment rentals is intended to “snuff out the business.” (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune... Read more »

Hey Barack, what about Gitmo?

Getty-AFP photo by Randall Mikkelsen / July 23, 2008 Obama has repeatedly expressed his desire to shutter the embattled facility, which has become an international flashpoint. But before that happens, his administration must review the basis for holding each of the remaining 250 detainees and which should be released, which should be transferred to the... Read more »

The Jan Schakowsky's corruption question brush-off

Here’s a summary of  a fix that Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) has landed in thanks to a mysteriously disappearing earmark for a kinky organization. It’s worth reading in its entirety.  BigGovernment reports: I last year’s federal budget, Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky introduced and then withdrew what appears to have been a multi-million dollar earmark for... Read more »

Alan Simpson nails

The ultra-left mob, gathered under the banner of, apparently thinks that it has nailed former Sen. Alan Simpson with a tap (below) of him calling social security recipients “lesser people.” Simpson, co-chairman of a budget commission examining ways to reduce the deficit, was stopped by a MoveOn person (I assume) and questioned about the... Read more »

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal: He gone.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal leaves the White House Wednesday morning after resigning as commander of Allied forces in Afghanistan. (AP/Evan Vucci) President Obama ousted his top commander in Afghanistan Wednesday after officials determined that comments he and his staff made in aRolling Stone magazine article amounted to insubordination, the Tribune reported that a White House official had said.... Read more »

Rich, retired Illinois state cops

Here is an eye-opening comparison of the salaries and retirement benefits granted to Illinois state police, compared with private sector retirees who “get” to live off their “generous” social security retirement benefits. The study was done by National Taxpayers of Illinois United. Yes, we should reward the police who put their lives on the line... Read more »

Can conservatives win elections?

The answer is yes, and an Illinois Policy Institute conference will examine how on Saturday, June 26. Said the Institute: Join us on Saturday, June 26, for the Illinois Policy Institute’s 2010 Policy Solutions Forum, an educational conference that is free of charge for elected officials (current and future), staff, and activists. Through networking, panels,... Read more »
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