Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal: He gone.


Gen. Stanley McChrystal leaves the White House Wednesday morning after resigning as commander of Allied forces in Afghanistan. (AP/Evan Vucci)

President Obama ousted his top commander in Afghanistan Wednesday after officials determined that comments he and his staff made in aRolling Stone magazine article amounted to insubordination, the Tribune reported that a White House official had said. Further:

Obama accepted Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal's resignation and, in an equally stunning move, has appointed Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, who once led U.S. forces in Iraq, as his successo

Much can be said about the development, both pro and con, but he was right in one regard: He was right about Vice President Joe Biden. Said the story:

But some officials in the administration, most notably Vice President Joe Biden, have advocated different approaches, preferring a strategy that requires fewer troops while emphasizing the elimination of militant leaders and ensuring Afghanistan does not fall under insurgent control.

You'll recall that Biden was the one that advocated splitting up Iraq into three parts, reflecting the religious and ethnic divisions in the country. It was stupid then, and, now, clearly wrong.


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  • Here's a thought. Maybe he was so fed up with the politicians that he wanted to find a way out without being called a quitter. The Rolling Stone reporter offered him just such a way.

    Opinions, anyone?

  • In reply to BobM:

    I had that thought too. But there would have been an easier way: An "I quit!" would have been quick and clean.

  • In reply to BobM:

    If you want to know the real story, you'll need to buy his book!

  • In reply to BobM:

    I thought Obama said "Look, I don't want people on my team who agree with everything I say and just nod their heads. I want people who will sometimes disagree with my ideas and thoughtfully challenge them." I guess McChrystal either a) jumped over the "sometimes" line, or b) wasn't thoughtful enough, or c) didn't pick up on Obama's statement as being code for "For those who cross me, I will bitch-slap into oblivion."

  • In reply to BobM:

    What hit me as strange is that on Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol said Obama did the right thing, Mara Liasson said he almost did the right thing, Liz Cheney said he did the right thing except not recede from the pullout date, and Juan Williams, as usual, said that the whole strategy was failing. Now, we know that Juan doesn't agree with the others, but why were the three conservatives essentially agreeing with Obama?

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