Break up the Blackhawks!

Arrgh. Just when Chicago could get used to having a championship team in town, we discover that some important players could be gone next year. Not because the ownership is too cheap to sign them or because a goofy general manager trades them away for "prospects," but because of a league rule: The salary cap.

Read here who might be gone and who might stay. 


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  • Well, they took a lockout a couple of years ago to impose this cap regime, so so be it.

    The main issue is getting Huet's money off the cap. I doubt that they will be paying millions just for him to go to Rockford, though.

  • Get Dale Tallon back in charge of personnel, and he will find the young talent to keep the BlackHawks strong and in contention.

  • In reply to JeffStone:

    Sorry, Jeff. Dale is also to blame for the Cap issues the Hawks are facing, and most likely why he was fired,, promoted.

  • Thank goodness that the Bears management is not running the Hawks. They'd get rid of everyone, including the coach and sign the Evanston High School hockey team for about $50K each and be very proud of themselves for enriching the shareholders. Remember, they wouldn't fire that jerk Smith because it was going to cost them about as much as the Hawks are paying Huet. And, look at their wonderful history of player acquisitions.

    I'll never forget Dick Butkus' comment about George Halas: "He throws nickels around like they were manhole covers."

    My guess - the Hawks will do just fine, because the players want to stay and will do everything they can to be accommodating (at least those who don;t have Scott Boras for an agent)

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