Blago's defense: He's a victim


The poor thing

Can you believe it? The defense's opening statement seeks sympathy for indicted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich because he was a "victim."
He also was cheating on his wife Patti by being such a big Cubs fan, so by extension didn't pay attention to all his good pals he put in positions of power while they were fleecing him. 
This is the strategy concocted by the supposedly brilliant defense attorney Sam Adam Jr.? It's truly a measure of his desperation when his best defense is that he was walking around in some sort of innocent daze.
Spare us.


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  • The other one I don't buy is "follow the money, I don't have it."

    He sure got about $60 million for his "Friends of Blagojevich" fund, and blew much of it to run "What's she thinking" ads. Monk testified that they were going to split the rest after he left office, but, too bad, so sad, that went to pay Adam for Blago's legal defense.

    Also, most of the extortion charges are for "attempt," which means that they didn't succeed, notwithstanding the defendant's efforts to the contrary. For the conspiracy charge, only one overt act is necessary, and plenty have been alleged.

    So, legally, Adam is the rest of the media, except for you with respect to what you said above.

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