Should Congress pass a law requiring equal restroom access for women?

If necessary, yes. I'm for potty parity. As explained in this story from the Washington Times:
Some call it "potty parity," others label it "porcelain proportionality"--but a bipartisan group in Congress, braving potential public ridicule, says it's time federal buildings provide equal bathroom access for women, who are currently burdened by long lines and the need for more time once they get in the door 

So, critics of big government are expected to line up to criticize another government intrusion where common sense would suffice. But, here, I'll depart from my fellow big government critics and say: "It's about time!"

Common sense should suffice here. Is there not a man or woman in the world who knows that the lines to the public restrooms during, say, an intermission at the theater or half time at the basketball game, are always longer for the women's facility than for the men's? What does it take for architects to get the idea, an act of Congress?
Literally, yes. 
Or an act of the legislature; many states already have some sort of parity laws. Or, as I saw how it worked in Paris: A women, fed up with the long line at the women's room, barged into the men's room without a second thought. Other women followed. No one seemed to mind. 
Back to the law. Of course, the debate will provoke the usual heady questions, like this: 

But measuring commode conformity is not cut and dried. Some argued that it means equality of opportunity, as judged by the number of stalls, while others said equality of outcome is the key, which could be measured by the length of the line.

And there's the concern that converting some existing men's rooms to women's rooms will mean that everyone has to wait in line. 

Aw, man. Why do we always have to make things so complicated. Just do it. 

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