Highland Park's new politically correct trip paradigm


Lurking within Highland Park HIgh School are beliefs and values. But, whose?

Highland Park HIgh School's girl's varsity basketball team had a trip to tournament in Arizona because the school administration doesn't like the state's new illegal immigrant law. The Tribune reported

Safety concerns partly fueled the decision, but the trip also "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values," said District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson. 

So, here's the new rule for Highland Park student trips. A faculty/administration committee will be created to judge whether any field trip, sports competition or excursion to, say, Washington, D.C. is aligned with the school's beliefs and values. Of course, a separate faculty/administration/student/parents/stakeholder/community task force will have to be created to determine the school"s beliefs and values. 

That'll just be the start. A transportation subcommittee will evaluate whether the airline or chartered bus to take the the students on the trip likewise conforms with the school's beliefs and values. Outside counsel will have to be hired to defend the school against law suits that charge the school with discrimination if the stated beliefs and values don't equally represent the full range of beliefs and values.


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  • would not be aligned with who's values? did she take just a few minutes and even read this law? these people in Arizona are fighting for their lives and property.i do wish the parents step in and exercise their values.these girls deserve to go to their tournament dispite this loon of an administrator.

  • It is hard to outsmart stupidity. Having been in education for the last 30 years, it is painful to see the compromises that get made in board rooms and offices. The students will take a real lesson from this, but probably not the one the administration had in mind.

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