Arizona, immigration and flawed ACLU lawsuit

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union was quick out of the gate with a lawsuit challenging Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law. 

Unfortunately, one of the plaintiffs raises a red herring in the suit, according to the Times:

Ten individual plaintiffs have joined with the groups in suing.

They range from two Jane Doe plaintiffs who say they lack convincing
documents and could be psychologically hurt by a police stop, to Vicki
Gaubeca, a naturalized citizen who lives in New Mexico, regularly
travels to Arizona, and worries her state driver's license doesn't meet
the stricter Arizona requirements.

Another plaintiff, Arizona resident Jim Shee, who is of Spanish and
Chinese descent, said he has been stopped twice over the past month by
local police who demanded his "papers." He said he doesn't want to carry
his passport with him to prove his citizenship.

The Arizona law, though, says a valid driver's license from the state
would be accepted as proof.
[Emphasis added.}

It has become a cliche, but can't or won't any of these jokers actually read the law before they go bats***?

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Tags: ACLU, arizona, immigration, lawsuit

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